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Chateau Mate #0 Violet

Chateau Mate#0 Violet

#0 - Unfiltered. White flowers, quince, green apples, pineapple, cherry, Turkish delight, baked pears bundled into fresh playfulness

Chateau Mate #1 Leslie

Chateau Mate#1 Leslie

#1 - Stone fruits, tangerine, white flowers, slight minerality, warm spices from the barrel dominated by vanilla, late harvest apples, pears, propolis, lime tree blossom. beautiful acids accompany us to the finish.

Chateau Mate #1/2 BZ

Chateau Mate#1/2 BZ

#1/2 - Raw wine made in "Vin Jaune" style. The natural "yellow wine".

Matthew Szokolai, Chateau Mate owner

The eccentric winemaker

At the beginning of 2016 I had been speculating about how I should invest my inheritance.

After three months I still couldn’t come to an understanding with myself when I went to such a winetasting where 3-3 white wines were introduced from 3 different regions. Bread was paired beside the wines, to each one of them a different type. A miracle happened.

One of the wines of Tokaj-Hegyalja and bread raised the tasting to such heights which I had never felt before. I cycled home with a wide smile on my face and went to bed with the thought that next morning I would like to wake up and know what to do with my inheritance. A chalet and a small vineyard by Lake Velence, a small vineyard and small house near to Lake Balaton or vineyard and house in Tokaj-Hegyalja. Before daybreak my eyes popped and I knew for sure that Tokaj-Hegyalja is the place.

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I immediately grabbed a pen and wrote down exactly what kind of facing field I would like grapes. There should be a tiny house on it. Nearby there should be a small creek. There should be fruit trees in the area. But the most important it should be an old vineyard area. I wrote for the winemaker 1,5 pages down to the tiniest details about what I would like. Within two weeks I was indicated that there is a land to be sold. The owner inherited it recently, he lives abroad. The pictures were sent to me. At once I said yes. There was one term for the purchase: I’m not allowed to cut out the 40-80 year old vines. I didn’t want to.

A little bit more than a month after the tasting the documents were on my name, all this in the middle of summer, shortly harvest. Happily I went to look at my newly bought land and wanted to start looking for the house. The vineyard was fantastic, but then the problems began. It came to light that the winegrower can’t undertake the area care and doesn’t have a place to make my wine. I had no choice but to make pálinka out of the harvest. All of a sudden there was a lot of pálinka, 0,5 ha land and a big headache of what to do.

I bottled the pálinka into traditional brown pharmacy bottles as an elixir of life.

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The name of the winery is an absolute joking one so it became the name Chateau Mate. The interesting thing about the label plan is that I asked my graphic artist friend to look for anykind of an abandoned castle with a green surface. When the label was completed. I asked him which castle it was and where it could be found. He couldn’t tell me, he surfed it on the net. I looked for it. It turned out that when I go up to the top of my vineyard and have a view to the next village a few kilometres far, I can see a castle and that is the castle. Fate. The extra on the label is that each one of them gets a superheroe. This is also a fillip. We love superheroes, all of us are. (We will create our superheroes on the labels.)

„Beyond the water.” on the label means – The vineyard is at Tállya, Tokaj-Hegyalja in the Hetény. The aboroginals call this place „beyond the water” because they say this is the worst vineyard in the village. I think so they wrong. But the name is very funny.

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I started ‘viticulture and winery‘ with zero knowledge however with a lot of tasting experiences. So my attitude is next to biodiversification, chemical free viniculture. Strong yield limits.

I gave myself 5 years to have success in making a wine which will belong to the top 10 % of the leading wines in the world. What I have learnt till now is that we can only put tiny bits of our knowledge into it. Actually this depends on the nature, friends' help and mostly on God.

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Jancis Robinson:

#0 Violet - Very slightly cloudy. Extraordinary nose – it explodes out the glass, a shower of a hundred different things, like a multi-coloured firework that you can only stand back and gawp at in childish delight. It has the kaleidoscopic acidity of Furmint – the angles, the colours, the patterns so complex and jewelled, sharp lines forming round shapes, defying anyone to pin it down, shifting the moment you try. I’ll try. Pineapple, red cherries, marigold petals and Turkish delight. Green apples and salty jalapeño and sweetly spiced baked pears. It curves around you, as if it’s soft and kitty-like, and then you poke it and realise that those curves are made of steel. It’s controlled and pulled as tight as a piano wire. But there is a wildness, a defiance. Foot-stomping, campfire-lit, primeval-rhythm hypnotic defiance 17/20 point

#1 Leslie - Linden blossom, late-harvest apples, pear and propolis. Stunning acidity. Bone dry and thrums with excitement. Something a little dusty in a fragrant way, even in the mouth, like pollen dust on a hot summer’s day. Tastes like apples and tarragon in lime glass. Touch of spice on the top of the palate. There’s texture here as well, as if the dustiness of the nose is fine-ground dust in the wine. The length is all about that vibrating acidity, rather than about flavour. Feels not quite ready to be drunk. 16,5++/20 point

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Ned Goodwin:

#0 Violet - A littlebit turbid. Clearly not messed with. Aromas of white florals, quince, green apple and Asian pear. Mineral-infused and sleek, with ample intensity and fine crunchy length. 93/100 point

#1 Leslie - Ripe, with ample stone fruit to tangerine riffs playing off an underbelly of fennel, white florals and a crystalline freshness. Forceful, creamy and savoury. Yet it is the skein of pungent mineral that drives the fray long. 94/100 point

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